How to publish your site

When you're ready to publish your site, from anywhere within SitePad, click on the Publish button.

When you publish from a page, you'll get the following window where you have the option to publish the current page only. This is useful if you need to publish an individual page. Depending on the size of your site, it can take a few minutes to publish. If you have many pages but only updated a single page, such as your home page or a product page, click the option to only publish the current page. If you have not published your site yet, leave the box unchecked. This will copy your site to your NodeSpace hosting account.

You'll see that the site is being prepared to be published.

SitePad will then begin uploading your files to your hosting account.

Once your site has been published, you can click the Done button to return to SitePad or click the Visit Website button to view your creation.

Your website is now live on the Internet and ready for the world to see!