How to manage your dedicated server

Attention: This is a new feature for dedicated server clients. Some features and functionality are not yet implemented for all server hardware models and configurations and some features may not be available in all pods.


Information: This documentation was written before all features were completed or enabled. If you notice that something looks different, it's because our dedicated server management portal is under active development. We will update this documentation as features are released/enabled.

You can manage your dedicated server by logging into and selecting your dedicated server from your services. 

New: This feature was just released on December 5, 2022 and is enabled on all accounts that have had our new dedicated control panel rolled out. This will let you view and control most parts of your dedicated server from the My NodeSpace Client Portal.

A. This will let you quickly control the power of your server.

B. These quick actions will let you open your IPMI console, reset the BMC, and directly login to the Bare Metal Management Panel.

C. Your bandwidth graphs (if enabled).

Note: We are leaving this section as part of our documentation for now as it may occasionally show backup when we perform maintenance or other options. 

When you are on the product details page, switch to the Server Information tab and click on the "Login to panel" button which will automatically log you into your dedicated server management panel at

When the panel opens, you'll be directed to the server you selected. Here is a quick overview of all the features: