How to reinstall or change your VPS operating system

Click on the Reinstall button. You will see a list of all available operating systems. Note that if you have a KVM, you're only going to see KVM templates. If you need to switch virtualization technology, you need to order a new VPS.

Select the button to the OS you want to install and then click the reinstall button.
You will receive a confirmation of OS reload as well as the new root/admin password. Be sure to copy this down! Please allow up to 10 minutes for the VPS to complete OS reload.
8a87e8c472f8ae19631f8376ea164ca44c15781a?t=e70b36c91b0ec81c07cecb91dbd5737dDuring this process, your VPS will show offline. It will show online as soon as the server is available.


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