How to change PHP file upload limit

By default, accounts are provisioned with a 2 MB file upload limit. In most cases, this may be too small and you need to increase it. To increase the limit, login to your cPanel account.

Scroll down to the Software section on the cPanel main tools page. If your site is using MultiPHP, click on MultiPHP INI Editor. If you are using PHP Selector, skip to the next section. If you're unsure if you're using MultiPHP or PHP Selector, view our article on how to tell.

From the Basic Mode tab, select your domain or subdomain you need to adjust the upload limit on.

There are two values you need to adjust. Change post_max_size to be slightly larger than your desired file upload size. Then, update your upload_max_filesize value to be your desired size. When done, click Apply. The values should take effect immediately.

If you change PHP versions, you will also need to change these values.

If you are using PHP Selector, go to the Software section on the cPanel tools main page. Click on Select PHP Version.