Am I allowed to resell your services?

Generally, yes! We welcome resellers! However, some products and services have some restrictions:

Dedicated Servers/Bare Metal Servers - You can resell our servers. We are currently working on a system that will give you direct API access to our management system. Right now, not all servers are supported. Please contact [email protected] and our sales team will provide guidance.

VPS Servers - You can resell our VPS servers. We do not currently have a reseller interface, so the management of VPS servers is not "whitelabel" (our domain name is used). However, we do not have any other branding on our portal.

Shared Hosting - You are not permitted to resell shared hosting. Instead, you will need to either use a dedicated server, VPS, or a shared reseller account in order to offer shared hosting.

Domain Names - While you can resell our domain names, we would recommend using Namesilo and setting up a discount account with them. Namesilo can integrate into most billing systems and has an API available.

Customer Support

In all cases of reselling our services,¬†you need to be the primary contact for support. We cannot directly assist your customers due to security reasons. However, if there is an issue that you are unable to resolve or need assistance with, you can contact our support at [email protected] and our support team will be more than happy to help you resolve the issue.

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